Why chose to finance your shipping container?

Avoid high-interest payments

Are you thinking of paying with Credit Card? Don’t carry a balance with high-interest rates. Save money with our financing.


Keep your savings for a rainy day

Preserve cash and keep your savings safe for a rainy day by financing your purchase.

Protect your home equity

Protect your home equity by financing your purchase outside of the banks through us instead of burning up a home-equity line-of-credit.

Get approved in minutes!

Simply send us your name, email and phone number and we’ll text or email you a link to get you approved immediately. 

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Cash, Credit, Financing, COD or E-Transfers

  • Pay with cash up-front,  e-transfer, eft, credit card (2.9%)  or finance your 20 foot long shipping container for as low as $199 per month with no money down and 0% interest for 24 months! 

Prices and availability

Call us at 780-888-7809. shoot us a text or send us an email to get the latest prices and availability.  

Flexible delivery that works for your schedule

We’re flexible, fast and ready to deliver your shipping container. Simply pick your preferred date and time and we’ll start working towards having your delivery booked into our system.  

Driver communication

Our driver will call you as he or she is loading your container onto their truck. If you haven’t already paid for your container when it arrives, that’s totally cool. Simply give  the driver your bank draft or e-transfer password. Once we have confirmed the funds have been transferred, the driver will offload the container exactly where you want it.