Container Ground Level Delivery by Professional, Local Haulers

We’re coming for you!

Just enter your address, and our professional drivers will take care of the rest. Delivery should only take about 15 minutes, but please ensure you’re ready when we arrive.

Make Sure Your Site Is Ready For The Big Guy

Maneuvering Space

We’re not just delivering your purchase we’re delivering hefty satisfaction.

Hard Surface
Just because they’re big does not mean they won’t get stuck.
Delivery Space
The truck that will deliver your shipping container is massive!
Clear of Obstructions
Make sure your site is ready for the big day. Our truck is 13’6″ before it…
Delivery Trucks Space
Please ensure that there is enough space to accommo-date our delivery truck.
Make Way For The Trucks
The truck that will deliver the container needs to be able to access your delivery site.
Firm Delivery Surface
When ordering a heavy truckload like this, it is crucial to consider.
Steer Clear of Water
To keep your shipping container in good condition and support heavy…

Sure the Doors Are Level

If you have just received your shipping container, one of the most common issues is that the doors do not open and close easily. This is often due to the container being positioned on an uneven surface or loaded more heavily on one side than the other.

The best way to prevent this is to place wood blocks under the door frame, ideally the entire length of the container. This will ensure that the doors line up appropriately and open and close smoothly. Most major hardware stores or lumber yards will have 8′ long 4 x 4’s or railroad ties available for purchase. For a 20′ container, we recommend 2-3 pieces of wood. For a 40′ container, we recommend 4-6 pieces of wood. It is important to remember that the most crucial spot is under the cargo doors.

Shipping Container Warranty

The warranty for shipping containers from Edmonton Shipping Containers is as follows:

Each container is guaranteed to have doors that seal correctly and floors free of holes and any leaks. All used equipment will likely have surface rust, dings/dents, and other cosmetic issues. If a container arrives that does not meet the guarantee, we will either replace it within five (5) business days or pay for repairs on-site. The warranty does not cover contents or damage caused by the customer.